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DL Masonry is a heritage masonry company offering services in all areas of restoration and construction


The craftsmanship & attention to detail that makes Ottawa’s heritage buildings special require a skilled hand to restore.  An understanding of how heritage buildings were built & what problems often arise allows us to not only repair the damage but instead to solve problems so they will not occur again.

At D.L. Masonry, our skills include mortar colour matching, Repointing with heritage lime mortar, brick & stone replacements, as well as conservation work.
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New Construction

We offer a wide variety of brick, block and stone services. Our experience makes us a suitable choice for industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sectors. We also offer residential services and can assist with anything from custom fireplaces, accent walls, window sill replacements, and door openings.

It might seem like stone would only work in rustic or traditional styles of architecture but it's actually perfect for any design style because of its durability. Stone is also environmentally friendly because it uses no chemicals to produce the product unlike other types of building materials. Stone will last long after other products have rotted away due to weather conditions, making it a worthwhile longer term investment.
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Chimney Repair

Even well maintained chimneys are susceptible to damage. Over time moisture inevitably builds in your chimney and is absorbed, resulting in brick and mortar deterioration. This could result in a very minor flushing repair or a complete tear down and rebuild. Luckily, our experts are trained to assist you with any chimney issue you may have.

A well-designed chimney can be an architectural highlight in your living room or bedroom, adding to the charm of the structure while providing function at the same time. The chimneys that D.L. Masonry installs are designed with both form and function in mind so that you will have many years of enjoyment before needing to replace them again.
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If you are looking to add a new walkway or set of stairs to make your property stand out we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of custom stone landscaping packages and would be happy to discuss any ideas you have for your property. No idea is too big or small for us.
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Chimney Maintenance

It is important to prevent any damage that may occur from weathering or debris in your chimney. In order to keep your investment in top condition, DL Masonry offers a regular maintenance service to clean and inspect your chimney.

This service will prolong the life of your chimney and save you money in the long run. We do chimney sweeping, minor repairs, and full replacements when necessary.
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